Google Ads — Ultimate Guide in 2023

Google Ads is a widely preferred online advertising tool that lets businesses reach out to millions of users worldwide through search and display networks; Read the 2023 Ultimate Guide.

Google Ads is the widely preferred online advertisement tool, with millions of businesses advertising on the platform. This platform lets a company skyrocket sale by reaching out to more than 439 million users over all the globe.

In addition, the platform offers two specific types of advertising. The first one is “search network”, and the other is “display network”. Although, professional marketer and advertisers prefer the search network , it works on pay-per-click. However, the other display network includes graphical (or visual) advertising in the banner style material.

Obviously, there is always perk and perils in every marketing tool that seems flawless and effective. Let’s deep dive into the Pros and Cons of Google Ads in 2023.

Pros of Google Ads
You can target specific traffic depending on their interest.
It is much easier to handle and track ad campaigns.
Quick & Effective results than search engine optimization.
Act as a Cost Controller.
Effective tool to measure the success.

Cons of Google Ads
It is not easy to set up ad campaigns.
Any incorrect ad campaign may not yield desired results.
Tricky & Expensive for those with basic knowledge. (i.e Beginners)
The landing page of the business has to be top-notch.
You pay for each click to your website.

How do we bid for Google Ads?

Google Ads is an auction-based advertising system wherein you, the advertiser, sets the maximum bid amount for each click on your ad. The higher your bid, the more favorable your placement will be.

How does Google charge?

Cost-Per-Click: It refers to the fee you pay for each click on your advertisement.
Cost-Per-Mile: It is the cost you pay for 1,000 ad impressions or when your advertisement is shown to 1,000 people.
Cost-Per-Engagement: It is the charges you pay when someone clicks on your ad and completes a predefined action.

How do we bid for Google Ads?

Setting funded campaigns on Google is incredibly easy (and fast), owing to the platform’s assisted setup along with helpful hints. After viewing the Google Ads website and clicking “Start Now,” You’ll be guided through a series of steps to get your ads running.

If you have already created your ad copy and images, setup should take no more than ten minutes. There are fewer obvious additional steps required to ensure your ads are configured appropriately.

To sum up

It is the critical component of your paid advertising strategy. Because it helps reach more people with significant legitimacy. There are many advertisement tools in the market, but this platform is the most effective among them.

There is no such thing as an ineffective Google Ads campaign; only those require additional effort. You now have the strategy and information necessary to create a successful Google Ad campaign that generates clicks and converts leads. Contact Metrix to get started!

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