How to Write A Great About Us Page

This guide teaches how to create an effective About Us page that accurately reflects a business's purpose, personality, and employees while also being structured in a goal-oriented way.

How to Write A Great About Us Page


The About Us page is essential for any business to provide its customers or audience with information about the nature of their business and what it entails. This page often reflects the purpose of the business, the personality of its owners, and the company’s top employees.

When you create a website for your company, this is the first page you are likely to design. The fundamental purpose of this page is to be the go-to page for companies or brands and explain what the business is about.

Why is About Us important?

Visitors who want to learn more about a company or brand or its owners look for the page that explains the company or business. Nowadays, an informational page is considered an obligation and not an opportunity to build trust with your audience by simply explaining what makes you, YOU.

Remember, any informational page should never consist of just a few large paragraphs about your company. Instead, it should have a more goal-oriented structure. Your focus should be on highlighting the significant points of your brand or company to make a strong impression on your audience.

Does About Us attract visitors?

Visitors are interested in the company’s mission, and they figure out the core values of your company through this page. That’s how they decide whether or not to shop from your company.

When you create your informational page, make sure to tell your company’s story about how you started and its primary objectives. You should clearly describe what your company serves. You can also tell them about how your products are made and what your goals are.

What should the template be like?

Choose a good color scheme for this page, and you can also introduce pictures of the founders and top employees of your team. The page should have good content, such as data visualizations, explainer videos, and links to company blogs.

Should we have it?

In other words, this sort of introduction page is your homepage, and you have to show off your founding story, business goals, and sales page to answer the queries of the visitors about your company business.


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